Bespoke Travel Company Testimonials

An apt name for a unique tourist service

Perfect. I learned more in 3 days than I would ever have thought possible and yet never felt rushed, tired or overwhelmed. The days were varied and perfectly paced. Our guide provided just the right amount of information to make the experiences meaningful and memorable and was a fountain of knowledge whenever we asked for further details.

Fabulous tool! Great ideas! Loved the personal approach, the Oriental tassel and the ideas. We went to all in the book and this was my third trip to Beijing.

I must thank you again for all your help. You have been so easy to work with. You and your colleagues have handled everything brilliantly.

We wanted to send enormous thanks for the truly exceptional tour today. In addition to our guide’s knowledge and insights, your team must have ESP because you crafted a day that was exactly what we had hoped for – and much more. Our time in Beijing has been filled with many highlights and memorable moments but the time with our guide today has been the very best of our trip.

Bespoke is just the ticket; Beijing is not bewildering with Bespoke’s helping hand. I found many gems I would never have discovered had I not followed the magic advice. I had a great time and felt like I was able to access easily an authentic Beijing rather than a touristy one.

The Savvy City Kit made it easy and seamless to get around, cards were easier to decipher for all involved than Hotel cards, phone is an absolute necessity, translation…goes without saying that was a lifeline you cannot do without. A truly unique and one of a kind solution.

I wish I had access to the same service when I went to Tokyo and Seoul – please let me know when Bespoke Beijing broadens it coverage. I did think a bit before paying the initial outlay but it was definitely worth it – far better than any guidebook.

Having known these folks for quite some time, they definitely know the places to see and be seen in Beijing. China’s capital city can be daunting, but Bespoke Beijing will make your visit to Beijing so much easier and enjoyable.

If you are questioning whether to spend the money on ordering a Bespoke Beijing Savvy City Kit – don’t. It honestly made the difference between a brilliant trip and what would have unquestionably been a long weekend of frustration and misunderstanding. The local pre-programmed phone with expert and translations services is genius.

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