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Bespoke Tours Chinese New Year Parade

Require you to book several services bundled together
Allow you to book individual services – so if all you need is an airport pick up or a half day tour guide, that’s all you need to book
Give off-the-shelf itineraries
Craft completely customized itineraries, tailor made to your personality, budget and timeframe
Give you one final price with hidden costs bundled in
Offer transparent pricing for every component so you can see what you’re paying for and if necessary, remove or add services
Require membership fees to create a customized trip or give you access to their little black book
Believes that customization, insider knowledge and expert advice should be available to all
Take tourists to restaurants they regularly work with, regardless of whether or not those venues retain their quality over time
Put a major focus on the meals you eat, because we’re huge foodies. With a Bespoke trip you can rest assured you’ll be in-the-know about the best restaurants according to your individual preference every time you visit
Pre-arrange lunch menus to fit within the cost of the package
Allow you to pay for lunches as you go so that you can have whatever you damn well feel like!
Mark up entrance tickets and include them in the final price
Allow you to pay as you go for tickets so that if you change your mind about what you want to see, you haven’t wasted your money
Restaurant and hotel options that are updated periodically
Completely tailored and contemporary recommendations. We pride ourselves on being bang-up-to-date at all times. We’re a well-connected bunch, which means if a new restaurant or hotel opens, we’re the first to try it and tell you about it too
Spread themselves thinly, usually operating country-wide tours
Is a City Expert, employing locally based teams specializing in the capitals and major cities, ensuring that Bespoke does the city better than anyone

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