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Beijing Time Chase – Your Photos

We asked you to send us your best (and silliest) photos of the Beijing Time Chase for a little post-race contest, and you obliged, you competitive lot! Thanks very much, and can we say, what a special day it was. We can’t wait to do it all again.

First and foremost, here is our choice for BEST PHOTO OF THE DAY:

Mikolaj Niedzwiecki

Congratulations to Mikolaj for this lovely pic! We think it really captures the fun and freedom of racing around Beijing in a retro motorcycle sidecar, so well done you. And of course, you win a bottle of aged Scottish single malt whiskey courtesy of our friends at XIX Spirit, a boutique spirit importer based in Beijing. Happy drinking!


4 Reasons Why Being Old in Beijing is Awesome

Beijing old people

It’s always party time in Jingshan Park

Never mind Beijing’s dolled-up youth having it large at Sanlitun’s superclubs or Gulou’s indie dives. Their parents grandparents are the true party cats in this town. They are literally dancing until dawn. Well, from dawn in any case. Here are 4 reasons why Beijing is bouncing for the blue rinse brigade.

1. Beijing’s parks are like social centres

Beijing old people

The Beach Boys on their long awaited China Unplugged tour

Mosey on down to Beijing’s green spaces (like Jingshan Park) from about 7am and it will be heaving with partying seniors, mashing up the genres by jamming live under pavilions, line dancing, performing tai-chi, ballroom dancing or group singing sessions. This truly is a Beijing spectacle not to be missed – set the alarm clock!


Beijing Geriatric Glee Club

Jingshan Park Sunday Dancers Beijing Geriatric Glee Club

Some of our most joyful – not to mention photo-worthy – moments happen when we stumble across old folk enjoying themselves en masse on Beijing’s streets. There aren’t many countries where you’ll find septuagenarians dancing and singing with wild abandon in public. So if you’re yet to have this quintessential Beijing moment, allow us to help you out a little. Here’s where to find your nearest Beijing Geriatric Glee Club.

Strictly Come Waltzing
Every night, in the square between the Drum and Bell Towers, you’ll find Beijing’s more elegant couples doing a spot of ballroom dancing to the strains of Li Guyi or Yan Weiwen. In other words the music they ‘courted’ to. While they waltz around the square, others watch from the sidelines. A very sweet little scene. Why not grab a coffee from a nearby café and sit and watch for a while?

Chinese Music Conductor


TRB (Temple Restaurant Beijing)

There are numerous reasons why Temple Restaurant Beijing deserves to have a great fuss made about it – but for the sake of brevity we’ll try to keep it to one. Put simply, no other restaurant in Beijing occupies such a spectacular and inspiring space.

Temple Restaurant Beijing The Temple at nightfall

Housed in a 600-year old Temple complex, Temple Restaurant Beijing (TRB for short) is actually just one part of the whole, with several event spaces; an as-yet-unfinished boutique hotel and even a carpet museum all contained within the ancient set of buildings.

Unlike the centuries-old, wood-beamed event spaces though, TRB occupies a more recent addition to the complex – a small factory outhouse that once produced Beijing’s first television sets. Perhaps fittingly then, the restaurant has a more modern design aesthetic. Pristine white tablecloths hint at the excellent service to come, while the black titanium cutlery and fiery hued chairs add a splash of colour to the otherwise minimalist space, punctuated only by the occasional proud white orchid.


The legal pick me up: Dancing in Jingshan Park

Hands down our favourite park in Beijing. And here’s why…

From traditional dances to hip-hop, dancing in Jingshan Park is an endless source of amusement.

We’d like to thank the brilliant Genevieve Carmel and Bespoke’s own Keith Luu for the rather superb editing displayed here. Hat’s off guys.


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