The Best Ice Cream in Xi’an

Shaanxi 13 Ice Cream

We’ve always said that  Xi’an has the best street food in all of China (and yes Chengdu, that includes you too). The city’s Muslim Quarter, by our entirely unofficial reckoning, has a greater density of eateries than anywhere else in the entire country.

And while when presented with so many options it’s hard to know where to start, there is a place at which we almost always know we’ll end up. Shaanxi 13 is a funky little ice cream boutique staffed by a friendly local team serving up flavors that are exclusively drawn from Shaanxi, the province of which Xi’an is capital.

While you’ll find a few traditional choices here, it’s the more unique tastes that we’d suggest sampling. ‘Fresh Tofu’, for example, has an interesting smoky kick and is topped by a crunchy pumpkin seed cracker. But ‘Black Rice Vinegar’ is our favorite: more accessible than you’d think with both savory and sweet hits not unlike a salted caramel. A fun and defiantly local taste experience.

Shaanxi 13 is at Beiyuanmen 270 (Tel: 029 8726 5413). Want to see the best of Xi’an with Bespoke? Find out how to get in touch with us here.

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