Limited Edition Walking Tour Preview: Bloody Saturday

Bestselling author Paul French (Midnight In Peking) has just released his latest book, Bloody Saturday, and Bespoke is proud to be partnering with him and Penguin Books on a one-off September walking tour recounting this dark day in Shanghai’s history. Just to make it even more exciting, the tour will be led by leading Shanghai history expert Peter Hibbard.

Image from The Age, August 16th, 1937.

Image from The Age, August 16th, 1937. (Photo courtesy Paul French)

Published this week as a ‘Penguin Special’, Bloody Saturday makes use of rich source material to retell the tragic events of August 14th, 1937. It was on this day that Chinese fighter planes accidentally dropped bombs on their own city. One fell on the busy intersection of Nanking Road and the Bund, while two more landed just outside the crowded Great World building in the French Concession, leaving thousands dead or injured in what was, at the time, the worst aerial bombardment the world had ever seen.

Entrance of the bombed Cathay Hotel

Entrance of the bombed Cathay Hotel (Photo courtesy Paul French)

Leading this Limited Edition walking tour on the morning of Sunday, September 17th is none other than legendary historian and writer Peter Hibbard (MBE). Now based in the UK, Hibbard is a former President of the Royal Asiatic Society and has authored numerous books and articles on concession-era Shanghai.

He’s making a fleeting stop in the city so Bespoke snapped him up to help retell the events of that day. Stay tuned for more information coming next week or email sooner if you’re as excited as we are.

This Limited Edition Public Walking Tour will take place on Sunday, September 17th at 10am. Tickets cost 350RMB per person and will be on sale from Tuesday, August 22nd. Want to get to the front of the line? Send us an email with the title ‘Bloody Saturday Walking Tour’ and we’ll provide you with priority booking access.

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