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China: Welcome to the Future

If you think people in China are still using coins to pay for their groceries, wearing Mao suits and generally struggling through life, then you’re in for a shock.

old man in hutongs

These days are gone (sadly)

Far from being stuck in the past, China is careening ahead when it comes to consumer tech: pioneering a future that’s still years off in the West. In fact life in China’s major cities is so advanced, neither Japan nor the U.S. can hold a candle to it. Surprised? You will be…


Chinese Signs We Love For All The Wrong Reasons…

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a sign translated from Chinese to English can be the source of much merriment. Well the new ones that have gone up at Beijing airport are no exception.

We recently spotted this helpful warning on the back of the bathroom doors:

Chinglish Signs in Beijing Airport

…glad to know they’re worried about us getting a head rush.


The Southern Fish

For those in the know, The Southern Fish has been the unsung hero of Dashilan’s labyrinthine hutongs for a couple of years now. The small but stylish arbiter of authentic cuisine from China’s Hunan province, there’s always a wait for a table at this restaurant.

The Southern Fish Hunan restaurant (Baitasi Branch) Beijing

Photo: Dianping

But now the owners have opened a second branch in that other up-and-coming hipster neighborhood: Baitasi. And here there’s room for everyone!

Taking over an entire building in a hutong behind the temple, its ultra modern design and clean white walls form a stark contrast to the scruffy surrounding alleyway.


Gulou At Night

Beijing Drum and Bell Tower

We’ve always had a soft spot for the Drum and Bell Towers – architecturally unique they look pretty spectacular no matter which season you see them in. Here’s a little shot of them on a clear February evening looking particularly majestic…

Want to understand why the Drum & Bell Towers were once crucial to the daily life of all Beijingers? Only a Bespoke guide can help you do that. Get in touch at info@bespoke-beijing.com to find out more!


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