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The Beijing Fortune Teller

Jessie Beijing Fortune Teller Tour Guide

Jessie the Fortune Teller Tour Guide

Imagine our surprise when a girl called Jessie came in to see us about a tour guide position and instead started telling our fortunes. ‘I love life and I do a bit of everything!” she said breathlessly after about five seconds of meeting us.

After giving our palms the once over, the comment ‘your business line goes up and up, Bespoke Beijing will do very well’ was perhaps a tad predictable, but we can’t blame her for trying.

She wrinkled her nose at our love lines and told us how many children we could have if we wanted them (this involved slapping our clenched fists several times for dramatic effect). She also told us that we should never grow peach trees in our courtyard lest our fortunes take a turn for the worse (no danger of that then, we all live in flats).


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