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The Royal Smushi House

This new Danish design hub in the heart of Beijing’s Sanlitun district boasts a shop, a café, a restaurant, a bar and a bakery.

The Royal Smushi House Beijing Cafe

There’s no denying the fact that to step into the Royal Smushi House is to enter a different world. Perched at the crossroads of Dongzhimenwai and Sanlitun’s chaotic bar street, a sense of calm pervades its various outlets and there’s something reassuring about its neat Danish design and coolly exquisite interior.

The Monocle Shop inside The Royal Smushi House, Beijing


FEI Space

She’s the hip and talented ceramicist beloved of many an international collector; he’s one of the most fun people we know. Artist and designer Lin Jing and fashion fixer Ray Lee have just revealed the newly refurbished FEI Space boutique in 798. And it’s pretty damn cool.

From Alexander Wang sunglasses to patchwork antique rugs, if you’ve got some cash in your pocket this is a truly fantastic place to splurge.

The old factory space turned shop houses a handful of structures straight out of Lin Jing’s vivid imagination and a smattering of comfy antique chairs and mirrors. There’s even a bed cover from BLESS (the cult Berlin brand) that looks as though two people are sleeping in it – which gave us a fright when we walked in we can tell you…


Wuhao Fitting Room: The best fitting room in Beijing?

Wuhao Fitting Room

The amazing fitting room

Wuhao, a boutique and arts space hidden behind a hefty wooden door on Mao’Er Hutong, may well be one of Beijing’s most exciting hidden gems. A mesmerising Spring installation currently inhabits the space (Wuhao changes its themes and wares seasonally) consisting of paper butterflies, eco-friendly clothing, foldable furniture and limited edition designs inspired by the elements of wood and earth.

But Wuhao’s best kept secret – the pièce de résistance if you will – is its fitting room.

Imagine being given the best hug ever. By a real-life bear, and you’ll come somewhere close to understanding what it feels like. Soft cuddly fur covers both the floor and walls, and makes you want to roll all over it and giggle like a little child. Add to that a playful pillow-chair and a full length mirror that is incredibly flattering (we don’t care if it’s an optical illusion, WE-LOVE-IT), and you’ll understand why it took us some time and a lot of self-discipline to leave. Did Que Yang, Wuhao’s project assistant, notice us trying to sneak back in at every opportunity? We think so, but we didn’t care, it was worth it.


One for your Little Black Book: Beijing’s Top Tailor

Beijing's Top Tailor Upon arriving in Beijing, many of us thought the streets would be lined with fantastic dressmakers all providing chic for chips. Unfortunately it’s not quite that straightforward.

Because we’re nice, we begged Bespoke Beijing’s shopping expert Alice McInerney, to reveal her picks for Beijing’s Top Tailor. Tailor Ma in Yashow Market (yes, you can still find amazing and professional stalls there) is familiar with a wider range of fabrics and he will help you pick the best ones, while if you’re all about haute couture, Sanlitun based designer Huang Ye can create the perfect statement piece in his little studio.

And for chic separates, alterations and copies, well…just ask us!


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