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Crack that whip!

Don’t you just love kooky Beijing pastimes? We came across this guy cracking an enormous whip by the National Art Museum of China (you can see for yourselves if you head there at around 7pm each evening). We don’t know why  –  and it makes a hell of a noise  –  but it’s pretty cool. Just stand well back!

Happy Birthday Red Gate Gallery!

Red Gate Gallery Art

Chinese art collectors and history fiends alike will love Red Gate – which not only happens to be the city’s most unique art gallery, but as of this weekend, also its oldest.

It all started with one man – an Australian named Brian Wallace. He had a passion for art; Beijing had an abandoned 15th century gate tower. In 1991 the local government let him set up Beijing’s first contemporary art gallery inside, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now the magnificent space is home to a consistently excellent rotating collection of China’s hottest up-and-coming contemporary artists, from experimental collective Island 6 to the ever popular Zhou Jun.


Beijing Summer Snapshots: We’ve got a new office camera…

Houhai swimmers

And we admit we’ve been going a little overboard with the ‘Miniature setting’, which turns every scene into something akin to a tiny toy land.

Here are some Beijing summer snapshots we’ve taken around Dongcheng district over the last couple of days. Sweet aren’t they? And are we crazy or does the temple building look edible? As though it’s made of marzipan?

No? Just us? Must be lunchtime…


To The Beijing Batmobile! Bespoke Takes A Beijing Sidecar Tour

Beijing sidecar tour

Bespoke's Beijing Marianna Cerini and John Tackabery (aka J-TAK) board the Batmobile

Strap yourself in… well actually, you can’t, but at least brace yourself for what is sure to be a bumpy and exhilarating ride. Founded and operated by Frenchman Gael Thoreau, Beijing Sideways offers tours of Beijing and The Great Wall in a motorcycle sidecar. That’s right  –  imagine you’re the sidekick to your favorite superhero as you whizz around traffic, see the sights, and incite more than a few stares from locals.

We took the “Beijing in a Nutshell” tour (1200RMB for the 1st passenger; 750RMB for the 2nd) and couldn’t think of a better way to squeeze the whole city into a mere four hours. From the glamourous heights of Central Business District to the rough-edged remains of the old city hutongs, Thoreau hit on all of Beijing’s high points without neglecting its real character.

Even better, each tour is improvised at Thoreau’s (and your) whim(s), with a little help from his large circle of friends around the city. We had a fashion designer in our party, so he brought us by the ultra-exclusive Wuhao Curated Shop in Dongcheng for a look at their spring collection (more to come on that later…).


The legal pick me up: Dancing in Jingshan Park

Hands down our favourite park in Beijing. And here’s why…

From traditional dances to hip-hop, dancing in Jingshan Park is an endless source of amusement.

We’d like to thank the brilliant Genevieve Carmel and Bespoke’s own Keith Luu for the rather superb editing displayed here. Hat’s off guys.


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