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MODO Restaurant Rocks!

MODO Restaurant Giant Japanese Scallops

There's a lot going on here, but it's all good.

It’s no secret that MODO restaurant is one of our favourite Beijing restaurants, but it just got even better thanks to the addition of several new spring dishes and three very handy chef’s menus.

For instance, has there ever been a more delicious sounding dish than the ‘Seared Giant Japanese Scallop with Curried Cauliflower, Crispy Bacon and Rhubarb Sauce’??  No we didn’t think so. Add to that several light and scrumptious creations such as the Summer Peach Salad and the Seared Duckbreast with Watermelon and Feta and you know a meal here will be a special one every time.

For those of you unfamiliar with this hip Sanlitun eatery, MODO means ‘manner’ or ‘way’ in Spanish, and the talented South American team behind it encourage you to eat their way: no starters, no mains, just an assortment of exquisite dishes to share.


The Veggie Table

The Veggie Table's sin free chocolate cake

Guilt free gorging...

Appropriately, a new vegan restaurant has just opened near the Lama Temple, and it’s actually very good. The food is Western, rather than Chinese, but trust us when we say this is probably the most virtuous restaurant you will ever eat in.

Not only are no animal products used anywhere on the menu, but every aspect of this enterprise is completely green and sustainable. From the water filters on the taps to the fact that vendors delivering their produce in unsustainable packaging have been banned – owner Laura Lawless has thought of everything.

When we asked for ketchup we were told they didn’t stock mass produced Heinz goods, but instead made everything from scratch. We were promptly treated to their homemade mayonnaise instead.


Susu: Vietnamese Fare Down A Hidden Beijing Hutong

Susu Beijing Hutong

For some reason, the name of this restaurant makes us want to sing a certain Phil Collins song, but the main reason we are telling you about it is because it’s a great new addition to Beijing’s dining scene.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Chinese food. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. But sometimes it’s nice to eat something a little lighter, and Susu -a new Vietnamese restaurant-  delivers just that.

Susu Beijing Hutongs


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