Beijing Street Snacks Tour

Woman Cooking Boazi Beijing Snack Street Tour

Four signs you’re an incurable foodie:

1. You consider a local market in a foreign country to be a tourist attraction.

2. You can name at least 3 chefs that don’t have their own TV show.

3. Your life isn’t a series of outstanding achievements – it’s a series of outstanding dinners.

4. You’re reading this.

Yes, we know your type. The entire world is just one big banquet to you isn’t it? Well you are going to LOVE Beijing. With cuisines from all over China in one city, and a handful of its own to-die-for signature delicacies, there’s plenty on offer to get your culinary fix. Bespoke’s Beijing Street Snacks Tour will have you sampling the city’s tastiest snacks and touring its open air markets – an exciting romp through a part of Beijing most tourists never see.

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How much does it cost? 700RMB per person (2 person minimum)

How long will it take? 3 hours

When can I do it? Anytime, but we’d suggest going around lunchtime from 09:00 to 12:00

Getting there: The cost does not include transportation to and from the meeting point. You can get here by subway, taxi, or hire a standard car from Bespoke.

Start Point: Exit C of Jishuitan subway station on Line 2

End Point: Exit C of Pinganli subway station on Lines 4 & 6

Children: 100RMB for kids under 12. Babes in arms go free.

Any other costs I should know about? Nope! (All snacks are already included in the price, but it might be a good idea to carry a tad bit extra cash in your pocket just in case you’d like to purchase any snacks to take home.)

How far in advance should I book? At least 48 hours

What to bring: A healthy appetite, curious eyes and a relaxed attitude. The hutongs are where locals loiter, chat and stroll and where they do most of their feasting, grocery shopping and socializing. We will encourage you to push your comfort boundaries and get adventurous with your taste buds!

Our favourite bit: Discovering that Chinese street snacks aren’t as weird as they may appear!

Is this an expert or local personality-led tour? Local personality

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