The Story of Communism in China

The Story of Communism in China Tour Mao
Communism is a mighty big subject. And can be a mighty touchy one too, if you decide to get into a discussion about its merits in China. But here at Bespoke we don’t shy away from the meaty topics. Join our guide as he tells China’s Communist story – from The Party’s surprising roots in radical academic journal La Jeunesse, to the rise of its most important player: Mao Zedong.

You’ll visit the university where Mao got his first job as a librarian (and which gave birth to the famous May 4th Movement; hear the story of the incredible Song Sisters, whose love lives would go on to shape modern China; and stand in the shadow of Mao’s portrait as you learn how Stalin’s big snub pushed the Great Leader to his limit. Crucially, this tour is led by Bespoke’s most experienced local Chinese guide, who positively relishes answering the tricky questions you’ve always been too afraid to ask.

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How much does it cost? 3,300RMB for 1-4 people, 700RMB per extra person

How long will it take? 4 hours

When can I do it? Any day except Monday, though we suggest mornings, Tuesday to Friday.

Getting there: Car hire is included in this tour so you’ll be picked up from your hotel.

Start Point: Hong Lou (the original Peking University Campus)

End Point: Tiananmen Square

Children: Unless they’re teenagers, are unlikely to enjoy this tour – but it can be adapted for your family if necessary.

Any other costs I should know about? Nope. All tickets and transportation are included in the cost listed above. Want to go all out? You can also do this tour in vintage People’s Liberation Army sidecars for an additional 1,200RMB per person!

How far in advance should I book? At least 1 week

What to bring: As many questions about the reality of Communism and life under Mao as you can muster. The more questions you ask, the more rewarding the experience will be.

Our favourite bit: Hearing your guide’s personal stories about Mao-era China. The fact that his father didn’t show any emotion at his grandfather’s death, but wept when Chairman Mao died is something that has taken him years to understand.

Is this an Expert or Local Personality led tour? Local Personality

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