Official Midnight in Peking Walking Tour

Official Midnight in Peking Walking Tour
Bespoke Beijing and Penguin Books are proud to announce the official walking tour of Midnight in Peking, Paul French’s bestselling murder mystery.

This is your chance to retrace the footsteps of those embroiled in the grisly death of Pamela Werner (a British diplomat’s daughter) in 1930s Peking – a death that shocked the foreign community to its core.

From the ominous ‘Fox Tower’ to the gritty ‘Badlands’ and the former foreign legation quarter, two historians who have carried out painstaking additional research into the Chinese side of the case will beat a path through the little known areas of old Peking, painting a vivid picture of a period in Beijing’s history it would rather forget.

Most exciting of all, the newly uncovered Chinese police reports on the case detail several characters not mentioned in the book, offering critical new perspectives on the murder. For fans of the book, this is a tour not to be missed.

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With Paul French’s blessing, The Official Midnight in Peking Walking Tour is led by Lars Ulrich Thom and his team from Beijing Postcards, who have spent months conducting additional research at the Beijing National Archives on the Werner case, and unearthing a raft of new source material, from police reports to newspaper cuttings. Ulrich Thom is a Danish historian who’s dedicated the last 13 years of his life to researching the history of China’s capital. He has authored a number of books (both of the guide and academic variety), and, as a fluent Chinese speaker, dedicated his time to interviewing long-time residents, source gathering and carrying out completely original research. His enthusiasm for uncovering the real Beijing is utterly infectious.


How much does it cost? 1,250RMB/person for private group of 5 people OR 388RMB per person on Bespoke’s public Midnight in Peking Walking Tour. Next Public Tour: Sat November 25th, 2017

How long will it take? The walk will take 3 hours, followed by a drink and exhibition at NUO Hotel at your leisure.

When can I do it? Any day you like (unless you’re taking part in the public tour), though of course this is best experienced as an evening tour, starting around 6.30pm.

Getting there: The start point for this tour is a 3-minute walk from the Beijing Railway Station subway stop in downtown Beijing, or you can hire a private car.

Start Point: The Jing Gu Qi Long Hotel, near Beijing Railway Station.

End Point: NUO Hotel, near Tiananmen Square

Children: Are not advised to come on this tour due to the subject matter and the distance covered on foot.

Any other costs I should know about? Aside from Bespoke’s Trip Customisation Fee, no. The Official Midnight in Peking Walking Tour includes your expert guides, snacks, bottled water, an exhibition of newly uncovered source material, a cocktail and a donation to Equality, an NGO in China helping female victims of domestic violence.

How far in advance should I book? As early as possible to avoid disappointment!

What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes! And of course make sure you have read the book before you come on the tour to really make the most of it.

Our favourite bit: It’s a little grisly, but standing at the foot of the spectacular Fox Tower (where Pamela’s body was found) at nightfall suddenly brings the whole thing to back to life.

Is this an Expert or Local Personality led tour? Expert

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