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No, you can’t see it from space. And really, it should be called the Great Walls of China, not the Great Wall. Bespoke’s Beijing Great Wall Tour is your opportunity to hike one of the world’s wonders with a Wall historian to dispel the myths that have multiplied over its 5,000-year history. He’ll bring to life the sheer scale of the Wall, the human effort that went into it, and even help you uncover on-site clues that offer a fascinating insight into its creation. Hell, we’re practically inviting you to become Indiana Jones for the day!

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Learn About Our Expert

Bespoke Beijing’s Great Wall Expert is a British historian, author and TV personality regarded as the world’s leading educator in Great Wall Studies. In 1987 he trekked 2,470km along the ruins of the Great Wall, and in 2001 he founded the activist group International Friends of the Great Wall. He has written several books on the subject, published by Harvard and Oxford University Press, and in April 2011 was followed in the National Geographic Documentary ‘Great Expeditions’.
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How much does it cost? 9,500RMB for private groups of up to 8 people for the Mutianyu section, plus 165RMB/person for entrance tickets and round trip cable car. Please enquire for other sections.

How long will it take? 5 – 7 hours

When can I do it? Weekdays are best, but any day is possible, so let us know your availability and we’ll see what we can do.

Getting there: Transportation to and from the Great Wall is a must. Please enquire for prices relevant to your group size.

Start Point: Your hotel

End Point: Your hotel

Children: Are welcome on this tour.

How far in advance should I book? As early as possible

Any other costs I should know about? Yes, the above cost does not include entrance tickets to the Wall, which you will need to pay for on arrival, in addition to a cable car fee, depending on the section of the Wall you decide to visit with the historian!

What to bring: Good walking shoes and, in summer, a hat, sunglasses, and/or suncream – or else you’ll bake.

Our favourite bit: When you suddenly appreciate, with clarity, the sheer scale of what you’re standing on.

Is this an expert or local personality-led tour? Expert

Also: Groups of 8 people or more are welcome – the more the merrier! Contact us for a custom quote.

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