The Beijing Hutong Tour

Cricket Trainer Tour
No other city in the entire world has hutongs. What does that tell you? That you should go see them of course! These ancient, labyrinthine alleyways are where ‘real’ Beijing life happens, so to help you navigate some of the most interesting bits, we’ll fix you up with Frank, an old Beijinger who’s lived in the hutongs his entire life.

After a visit to the ancient Drum Tower, a hidden private museum and a whizz through the hutongs on rickshaws, Frank will take you to meet a local cricket trainer. Yes you read that correctly. This colourful local character actually trains crickets and grasshoppers to fight in local competitions. A fascinating insight into a bizarre Chinese sport you won’t forget in a hurry!

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How much does it cost? 1,000RMB per person (2 people minimum)

How long will it take? 3.5 hours

When can I do it? Anytime, as long as you start before 4pm

Getting there: The cost does not include transportation to and from the meeting point. You can get here by taxi, or hire a car to make things super easy.

Start Point: Square behind the Drum Tower

End Point: Square behind the Drum Tower

Children: Half price for kids under 6. Babes in arms go free.

Any other costs I should know about? Nope! (All entrance tickets and a tip for the rickshaw driver are already included in the price.)

How far in advance should I book? At least 48 hours

What to bring: A relaxed attitude. The hutongs are where locals loiter, chat and stroll. Frank will encourage you to do the same!

Our favourite bit: Visiting the private museum of a super enthusiastic old Beijinger who has dedicated his life to collecting hutong artefacts. He loves asking visitors to guess what each item is, and even encourages you to remove things from the glass cases to examine them up close!

Is this an expert or local personality-led tour? Local personality

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