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Forbidden City Golden Rooftops Beijing Expat Services

Got Company?

We all love it when friends come to visit, but if you’re not exactly thrilled about seeing the Forbidden City for the fifth time (or don’t have time to chaperone visitors during the day), let us take care of them for you. Bespoke’s Beijing Savvy City Kits include a local phone with direct access to our bilingual experts, so you can get on with your life without leaving your guests in the lurch. And if you want to look really thoughtful, why not book them in with one of our tour guides or buy them one of our Gift Voucher Experiences?

Lama Temple Archway Beijing Expat Services

New in town?

Landing in a new city can be daunting and you can quickly feel out of the loop. Where do people hang out on weekends? Where can you buy Western breakfast cereal? As part of our Beijing expat services, Bespoke offers Orientation tours and expert back-up from people who have been in your shoes, so you’ll be connected to what’s important right away, whatever you’re in to. Hey, you’ll even learn some insider tips it takes others years to pick up. Your new friends will be mightily impressed.

Museum Statue Hand Out Beijing Resident Services

Be a tourist in your own city

If you love learning more about your city, Bespoke’s Beijing Signature experiences are a great way to do something different with your weekends. Why not get a bunch of friends together for one of our historical walking tours, or learn how to become a little more zen with our Chinese Wellness experience? Guaranteed to make you fall in love with Beijing all over again…


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