Xiaolongbao Making Class

Shanghai Xiaolongbao Making Class
Paris has the soufflé, Tokyo has the puffer fish – and Shanghai has the xiaolongbao. The city’s famously delicate soup dumplings aren’t easy to prepare, but boy are they worth it. Fancy yourself as a bit of a whiz in the kitchen? Let’s see how well you fare as you attempt to perfect this tricky little dim sum dish during Bespoke’s Xiaolongbao Making Class. After you’ve shopped for the ingredients at a local wet market, you’ll pit your skills against Chef Huang as he deftly demonstrates how to make and roll the pastry, fill, fold and cook the xiaolongbao to perfection. Of course once you’ve finished making your soup dumplings in this endearing former French Concession kitchen, you get to sit down and eat them. Any other ending would just be cruel.

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Learn About Our Expert

Bespoke’s xiaolongbao expert is a Shanghai native and experienced dim sum chef who has worked kitchens from the Four Seasons to Xiao Nan Guo and has more than 11 years experience creating the city’s most famous dishes. A patient teacher with great English, you’ll certainly learn a few insider tricks into the bargain…


How much does it cost? 685RMB per person (2 person minimum)

How long will it take? 3 hours

When can I do it? Any day! The best start time is around 9am.

Getting there: Transportation to and from the kitchen is not provided, so you will need to make your way there by subway, taxi, or using a Bespoke car.

Start Point: The French Concession Kitchen

End Point: The French Concession Kitchen

Children: Under the age of 5 are not permitted to join this cooking class.

Any other costs I should know about? Nope!

How far in advance should I book? At least 3 days.

What to bring: Nimble fingers and a sense of determination!

Our favourite bit: The sense of anticipation when you bite into your first xiaolongbao to see if the soup oozes out as it is supposed to!

Is this an expert or local personality-led tour? Expert (Chef Huang is an experienced dim sum chef)

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