Jewish Shanghai

At present, no one at Bespoke is Jewish (well, unless you count that distant uncle of our marketing manager). But, goyishness aside, we all agree that this Signature Experience is one of the most compelling and touching we’ve ever sold. Did you know that Shanghai was one of the only cities in the world to welcome the Jews fleeing Hitler? That Iraqi Jews are behind Shanghai’s most famous buildings? That Shanghai’s Hongkou district once boasted Austrian bakeries, kosher delicatessens and dance halls so authentic the area was nicknamed ‘Little Vienna’?

Bespoke’s Jewish Shanghai Tour is led by the foremost expert on Jewish Shanghai and, on foot, you’ll explore the areas and buildings that give glimpses into Shanghai’s forgotten Jewish past and learn the stories of those who made their deliverance possible. In summation, don’t kvetsch to us if you don’t enjoy this tour – you’ve no soul if you don’t.

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Learn About Our Expert

Is an Israeli-born, Shanghai-based journalist and published author who has dedicated the last twelve years of his life to the study and preservation of the city’s Jewish history. Among his many passions is the Shanghai Jewish Memorial Project, a quest to recover as many of the displaced Jewish gravestones scattered in villages, river beds and fields surrounding Shanghai as possible, and to one day make a permanent memorial from them in the city. He also helps Jewish people from all over the world trace the stories of their family members’ lives in Shanghai in the 1930s


How much does it cost? 6,400RMB for groups of up to 6 people

How long will it take? 4-5 hours

When can I do it? Anytime, though afternoons are preferred.

Getting there: We suggest hiring a car to get to and from the start point of this tour, as well as to transfer to the Hongkou district and back.

Start Point: The Peace Hotel

End Point: The Peace Hotel

Children: Are welcome and likely to enjoy this tour, but children under 12 may struggle to concentrate for the entirety.

Any other costs I should know about? If you do not already have a car hired through Bespoke, you will need to pay for short taxi ride from The Bund to the nearby Hongkou district and back, or alternatively can pay an additional 350RMB for a car hired through the expert.

How far in advance should I book? Ideally 2 weeks.

What to bring: Some snacks – or fill up beforehand, since this is one of our longer tours.

Our favourite bit: Being touched by the very human stories of the Chinese (and even Japanese) that helped get the Jewish people out of Germany and Austria to Shanghai, and who helped them when they arrived.

Is this an expert or local personality-led tour? Expert

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